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A Silver Peak Story

From humble beginnings… In June of 2015 a couple and a friend meet over dinner to brainstorm a wellness idea.  
The Question:   How to make swimming and triathlon more accessible for everyone and play a positive role in the community?
Our Mission:   SPP provides a safe, positive, all inclusive environment for all people in the community to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through triathlon and Masters swimming. SPP triathlon and swim teams fund programs that sponsor challenged athletes in our community.
The Result:   Since that dinner, SilverPeak Performance has blossomed into a Masters swim team, Triathlon team.  SPP is a fully accredited 501(c)3 with outreach programs that sponsors people with special needs.
Positive Role:   SPP applies a combination of Masters swim team and Triathlon teams monthly dues, corporate sponsors and donations, to fund the professional coaching, transportation, athletic gear, event registration fees, strategic planning.  A Board of Directors insure that the funds raised get to the people who need them.

Casa Glassel.

Training @ Glassel.


And in the beginning, there was Charles, and he was GREAT!

Charles McPeak – Head Coach

Charles McPeak was born somewhere near Mount Olympus, a reincarnate of Poseidon.  Or.., some say he was born in Los Angeles, California.  Charles McPeak has been swimming forever.  He competed at Glendale High School and local LA clubs.  He swam at the US Olympic Trials in 1988.  After a long hiatus, Coach Charles returned to swimming in 2013 and became a triathlete.  He continues to compete on the Master’s Level in Freestyle, Butterfly, and the IM.  He is an accomplished open water swimmer and is currently ranked 19th nationally in the mile for his age group.  Coach Charles is USMS Level 1-2 Certified Coach.  His favorite stroke is Butterfly, and he loves to tinker around in the yard, designing and building on the porch.

Julia Browne – Coach

Julia was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, where she began swimming competitively at age nine at Alpine Hills Swim & Tennis Club. She began her coaching career with Alpine Hills in 1999, coaching the age group team while also lifeguarding and swimming. During high school, she fell in love with water polo, competing year-round with her high school team (Sacred Heart Prep) for top spots in CCS and Junior/Senior Nationals. After high school, Julia headed to Davidson College (NC) where she continued her aquatic career as a coach, founding Davidson’s club water polo team and leading community outreach efforts, teaching ESL students how to swim. Julia also played with the Charlotte Sharks, a men’s master’s water polo team, competing against teams from UNC Chapel Hill, Auburn University, and beyond. After graduation, Julia spent three years in Washington, DC, coaching at the Arlington YMCA and swimming with the Arlington Master’s Swim Team, before returning to California in 2010. Julia is an active USMS competitor, and for those of you who haven’t swam with Sparkle Fish yet, she will always bring a smile to your face in the early morning hours – whether in the pool or the ocean, this fish is always up for an adventure!

Tom Reichhardt

I recently returned to swimming two and half years ago just for fitness. I have since obtained my USMS Coaching Certification and have participated in several Triathlons and Swim meets. My favorite drill is Pulling, because it forces you to have proper hand position through, catch, pull/power, exit and even the recovery part of the stroke.

Eric Butler

Coach Bio Coming Soon!

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Kris McPeak – Executive Director

Kris McPeak has 20 years of management in higher education and five years experience working in non-profits.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from the University of Arkansas.  Kris learned to swim as a child, but became a swimmer in 2013 with the coaching and teaching from her husband, Charles McPeak.  Her favorite stroke is Breaststroke, and she loves to knit.

Charles McPeak – Sports Director

Duke – Team Motivator

Duke is a 9-year old shepherd mix who has been with Kris and Charles his entire life.  He enjoys cuddling, sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, playing with rawhide bones, and sleeping even more.